Uab „Medune“ is a company which is already 12 years in the lumbering business. We have earned the trust of the people by fulfilling our promises. We always pay instantly and always the amount that we have promised. We always offer the highest market price. We offer wide variety of services therefore we can help everyone who has any needs regarding forest and land can contact us.

Why people choose us?

Because we always try to cooperate and find a compromise between sellers and ours interests offering a solution acceptable to all.Find out more about our history, mission and vision.



    We buy
  • Forest, forest with land, forest for cutting
  • Multi-purpose land
  • Various timber
    We sell
  • Various real estate
We offer
  • All forestry activities: cutting,timber drawing

We pay instantly!

We buy all across Lithuania.
Uab Medune constantly buys forest and forest with land and multi-purpose land. We pay instantly and we can collect the timber by ourselves. If you want to sell your property you can do that by filling this form here or contact us using the information presented in the left.