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Uab Medune offers wide variety of services which will be helpful to people in any needs regarding forest and land. During the years employees of Uab Medune obtained valid information and experience in the market and is ready to consult you regarding any quastions that are in our field of expertise.

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We pay instantly.

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Medune_owner The company constantly buys forest and forest with land and multi-purpose land. We pay instantly and we can collect the timber by ourselves. If you want to sell your property you can contact us by filling this form here or contact us using the information presented in the left. Also do not hesitate to contact in both Russian and English languages.

Everything we do is in interests of nature’s well being.

What is the most important for us?

forest_photoEven though Uab Medune is in the market which can be perceived as harmful for the environment we can honestly say that we are doing the best we can to prevent damage to the nature. Our employees are aware of our policy and are trained to prevent forest from damage. We do not seek to exploit the forest and leave it. All the property that we obtain we reharvest. Each 5 years employees travel around the country reviewing the situation of the forests and helping the trees to grow by cleaning the areas from parasitic plants.